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VoIP2Cloud PBX configurator

Assemble the PBX system by your needs

VoIP2Cloud offers you a unique opportunity – the PBX configurator. Configure your PBX system with the desired number of extensions, numbering from abroad, Microsoft Teams integrated in the system, as well as toll-free numbers. All the options you choose are PBX as a service, which means that we take care of the operation of the system and all the settings. Yours is only to talk.

Please fill the form below and you will be contacted by the VoIP2Cloud team very soon.

Choose the desired number of extensions

Choose the desired number of numerations from the other countries

Choose the coutries you want numerations from

Bosnia i HercegovinaSloveniaCroatiaMontenegroHungaryBulgariaGreeceRomaniaAustriaGermanySwitzerlandFranceSpainUK

Choose the desired number of Microsoft Teams accounts

Choose the coutries you want toll-free numbers from

Bosnia i HercegovinaSloveniaCroatiaMontenegroHungaryBulgariaGreeceRomaniaAustriaGermanySwitzerlandFranceSpainUK

Do you want to buy Yealink phones with the PBX packages?

Note: The user is the contract signer with the telephone number provider. The telephone number provider may retain the right to request documentation of a registered legal entity in the country of application for the telephone number.

If you need more than 30 extensions please contact us.

The prices do not include VAT.