Privacy policy

IP House d.o.o is specialized in providing complete IT services to domestic and foreign companies. We acquired multiannual experience in working with numerous state, cultural and nongovernment institutions, United Nations, as well as leading domestic and foreign companies. Voip2Cloud was developed because of the modern businessmen need for unlimited and affordable communication with the whole world.

Our wish is for Voip2Cloud to became a model of business for other IT companies because we honestly believe that technical development, knowledge and IT advancement are heading in the same direction as we are.

We want to develop an honest and professional relationship with our clients, trough constant education of our employees, exchange of know-how experiences, modern and efficient support and ongoing improvement of our services.

We want to achieve profitable growth till 2022. and on. To achieve that, we have to focus on implementing new services and technologies, being innovative and constantly improving ourselves. We also plan to promote sustainability and competency of all the services we offer, to constantly improve our business processes and activities, with desire to become leaders on the market for technologies we promote and apply.

Ip House leadership defined this policy, with sole purpose to protect confidential information of clients, employees, suppliers and other interested parties, as well as availability of informational properties when performing business activities.

Taking care of confidential information

In order to justify the trust of our clients, trough business solution defining, expert project guidance and technical support availability, we protect confidential information of our clients and company itself in all our business processes. We are ISO 27001 certified which guaranties information security.

Incident management

Effective incident management is achieved trough information security goals, that include: application of security instructions, reevaluation of security risks, application of control measures for reducing security risks, security risk analyzing, application of reliable IT solutions and improvement of information security knowledge.

Business continuity availability

Ip House d.o.o conducts its business activities with integrity and compliance with legal regulations that apply to the operating of our company, and we are especially focused on virtualization and redundant connectivity that would lead to uninterrupted functioning of client services, even in case of interruption in the working of essential functions in the company itself.

Gathering of information

Quantity and type of information we gather and keep depends on the way you use Voip2Cloud site.

You can access the majority of pages on Voip2Cloud site without revealing your identity or any personal information. Our network servers gather anonymous logs during user visits to supply us with valuable information for improvement. None of these logs contain personal information, but have information about ip addresses and some operating system settings. Voip2Cloud site uses cookies to provide you with the optimal experience.

We do not gather personal information (such as name, address, phone number or email) through our Voip2Cloud site unless you decide to provide them. This information is gathered only if you voluntarily fill any of our contact forms on packet or contact pages or order something from Voip2Cloud site. Information we gather is kept on our servers that have the highest level of security and we guarantee the safety of your data. Your personal information will be kept in secret. They will only be used for the purpose they have been gathered for, as explained on the Voip2Cloud site, or if they are needed for complying with legal regulations or revision purposes.

Voip2Cloud site does not have the possibility for input of credit card or bank account information, so it does not keep data of that type.


Using of Voip2Cloud E-store (Shop) is possible only from predefined countries. Site administrators may or may not exclude or add certain countries to the list, according to the needs of our clients and visitors. Delivery is only available on the territory of Republic of Serbia

Paying for the products on Voip2Cloud E-store is possible only by an invoice and the buyer has to be a legal entity for the order to be possible. Yealink phones can only be bought as a part of the Voip2Cloud packages and are not available as individual purchase.  Yealink phones that are ordered through our site have a guarantee that is defined by manufacturer. Voip2Cloud does not service or exchange the phones, that is done by licensed distributer or a partner of Voip2Clod company.